Healthy Eating

with Megan Anderson & Bailey Horner

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05:00pm to 05:45pm

Upstairs in the Kitchen

Balanced Well Being

We will be offering a smoothie-making station with 2-3 healthy 
fruit/vegetable/protein smoothie options for the participants to make 
and try to see which one they like best.  In addition, we will have 
ingredients to make a quick and easy trail mix or granola concoction.  
We’ll be discussing the connection between gut health and mental health 
and how important certain nutrients are for keeping both our guts and 
our brains happy!  Many teenagers are deficient in Vitamin D, Vitamin 
B12 and omega 3 fatty acids and all of these deficiencies can cause 
struggles with mood and overall health.

Healthy Eating
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At the Downtown Artery

254 Linden St,
Fort Collins, CO 80524

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